New Project -8th MAY- started !

本日、8th MAYの新作“SONO HITO”が公開されました。

IRIS SUNのプロジェクト同様に、音楽がまさに生まれ出る瞬間を収める、それが、8th MAYの作品となります。



Today, 8th MAY 's new work "SONO HITO" has been released.

This piece was produced on the evening of October 22, 2018, from start to finish, with a single stroke. Without preparations, I focused my consciousness towards the piano and the microphone and played in haphazard for about an hour. Like the project at IRIS SUN, it will be the work of 8th MAY, to capture the moment music is being born.

It took about an hour, that time passed like a dream.
With deep in the forest of a huge island, I looked over the meadows, sang the white waves of the night and found the crabs and shells that gathered on the beach. Nothing I thought, the landscape appeared with the song and went away. At one point, I gazed into the hole of antlion. At another time, I released a butterfly from the palm. Beside a fountain I was lying on the grasses. In the end, the sky descended.

Well, now the work trembled my body, became vibration of the air, and went away. However, part of that sound was able to be captured by the technique of recording. The album is published on the full-length on my website.

We also plan to release streaming and downloading from time to time.

8th MAY

-LIVE 情報-



PLACE: 代官山 晴れたら空に豆まいて
150-0034 東京都渋谷区代官山町20-20 モンシェリー代官山B2

OPEN: 12:00 / START: 12:30

PRICE: 自由料金 + 1 Drink 600 


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Mai Shinta